The New Peeple App, Really???

I like the idea of rating things. We like to know how something works before we purchase it. We like to get a feel for the service provided by a restaurant before we waste our time or money to experience bad service.

Rating things comes naturally to human beings. I totally get it. As a wife and mother I read endless amount of reviews whether for minivans or stroller, diapers or baby food, and of course daycare providers or adult toy products. I need to know if the new Thunder Stick 2020 got 5 out of 5 stars. We want to purchase the best products or services based on the ratings.

Good news, we can now rate our fellow human beings. Yes, you heard me right. The new app call "peeple" give you the opportunity to rate people just like you would a restaurant or product.

WHAT??? Why on earth do we need this? Do we really need to judge people more harshly? Is it really necessary to assign a numerical rating next to a human being? Their tag line is "Character is Destiny" so this should get ugly really, really, really fast.

Here are a few thoughts that crossed my mind about the new Peeple app

1. What happens when my boss looks me up and realizes how inefficient I really am? Can I sue them when I get fired?

2. How can I rate my mother in law with out her knowing it was me?

3. How can I rate my parents without them knowing it was me?

4. How can I make sure my husband reads the rating I gave him? I don't want him to miss the 7-point improvement plan I have set up.

5. Is it really fair to let people know I am an A$$hole before we even meet? I'm pretty sure that is part of my charm.

6. Why do we need another social platform to shame and degrade people? We already have Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I don't have enough time to bully people on an additional social channel.

7. How many times can we rate the same person? Not that I have anyone in mind to rate.

8. I will never get hired anywhere ever again.

9. I wonder if the PTA Moms will be on this site?

10. Will we be able to add GIFs to our review? I feel it will add some pizazz.

11. Can we rate people under the age of 18, like say our own children?

12. Can I pay extra to have an anonyms profile?

13. This will be as successful as that fantastic Ashley Madison website.

14. Apparently there are three categories you can rate someone in. They are personally, professionally, and romantically. If someone is sleeping with their boss, can they rate them in all three categories? Like, 5 stars in the office, 2 stars in personal, and no stars in the bedroom?

15. The website states that you will be notified when you receive a negative review. You get 48 hours to "work it out" with the other person. So, how many arrests will this app cause?

I honestly do not understand why we need to publicly judge and ridicule people. Why can't we just spread rumors and gossip like we did 25 years ago? Technology has found a way to assign point values to every aspect of our lives. Best part of this app is that someone else can rate you and register you as long as they have your cell phone number. No one is safe. Be on your best behavior or it will be "No stars for you!"

Meredith is a work-from-home mother of three who writes about the inappropriate side of marriage and motherhood on her blog at That's Inappropriate. Follow her on Facebook and Twitter.