The New Power Girls: Business Women With Balance

The rooftop post at last night's Golden Globes awards buzzed as dozens of media outlets prepared to cover the red carpet arrivals and ceremony. Producers wired with headsets and camera crews fluttered around speaking a language that runs on a clock, TV hosts popped out of makeup freshly body glowed in gorgeous gowns or suits. Makeup artists followed with tool belts loaded with brushes for touch-ups. Audience handlers are warming up spectators below. Every few minutes, they cheer despite that celebrity arrivals haven't started yet.

A few feet away from a major network platform, three women are perched on blue portable chairs in full makeup and formal attire, engaged in a focused conversation, smart phones in hand. All three are entrepreneurs whose companies do work in entertainment market and attending for business. Two will appear on camera for major networks for their companies. A third is a new young producer with a start-up that's quickly moving up the ranks in Hollywood.

The conversation covers everything from business to life to children and family. The only topic that doesn't seem to come up is the celebrities that'll soon be arriving.

"The best facial in a pinch is this stuff at CVS," said one as she punched the keys on her Blackberry, handling emails as the trio sit. The woman lounging next to her immediately shouts in agreement. "The green one!" they say almost in unison.

If there's one common trait I've noticed among today's modern women entrepreneurs, it's the ability to not just have big lives, big goals and big dreams, but successfully juggle all of it.

They're whip smart in business, yet get as giddy as any fashionista over a great pair of shoes at Saks. They speak in front of audiences at technology and finance events in chic outfits and take conference calls while getting their hair blown out or other spa services. They are not just CEOs with giant plans, but wives, mothers, daughters, hipsters, yoga enthusiasts, style mavens and everything else a woman is - and they're good at it.

Power Girls don't just believe they can be it all or have it all. They're nailing it.

"I do radio interviews while I'm still in my pajamas and am interviewed by the press playing Chinese checkers with my son," shared founder Beth Dunn.'s Jennifer Bourgoyne negotiated a toy pony with her toddler while driving and talking via telephone with a producer from The Big Idea about her start-up.

It's a scenario that every women entrepreneur and high level executive I've met and know can relate to. As one female founder said not long ago, "I don't divide time by days but hours, and work in everything from there. Sometimes, my company demands me to be focused on it for many weeks, but when it lifts, I spend more time doing other things. It all evens out in the end."

It isn't just in juggling work and life, but also in who they want to be, how they want to look, dress, and live - from everything to social causes to personal style to hobbies and fitness. In fact, they see value in doing it.

"I know that if I get burned out because I don't take time to either get pampered, relax or collect my thoughts that I won't be good at all the roles I play in my life with my two year old, my significant other, other than my work," said friend and fellow entrepreneur Zoe Alexander.

Power Girls know that success in life is all about balance and they live it.