The New Power Girls: Business Women Rise For The Ultimate NPG -- Michelle Obama

If there's one thing today's successful women love, it's a fellow Power Girl.

Yesterday, in front of so many people it could be seen from Google satellites, Michelle Obama took a seat at the table of global status and ushered in a new era of women in America - in Jimmy Choo heels, of course. The cool leading lady may not own a startup, but she's certainly played a big part of co-founding a dream.

If the winds of change mean the death of bad footwear, count me in.

Without question, women seem more than ready for a fresh idea of what a woman is and can become in America. The new Mrs. President is just that. She's the right mix of style, substance and sass - don't think we all don't notice she runs the show in that house! She carries herself with a cool, laid back vibe, never one to act the fool (though she's not afraid to make a silly face for a baby). If she screams at anyone, it's more than likely out of surprise or happiness (or maybe a really great dress on sale).

True to New Power Girl form, she embodies the same traits as many of today's successful women: instincts, collaboration, fearlessness, big ideas, charity - and she always looks fantastic.

The new modern women entrepreneurs and executives know the value of looking the part - and keeping it real. We adore women in the spotlight that are like the women we want to be. In fact, we're driven by it.

"What I really love about Michelle is that she confirms that you can do anything, look great in designer couture or Target" said founder Karen Post. founder Jennie Rivlin Roberts echoes the sentiment. "She is whip-smart, beautiful and a self-made success, while remaining down to earth, shopping at the same stores we do."

For Entertainment Consultant and Independent Producer Jen Grisanti, it's all about the standards Mrs. Obama possesses. "Michelle radiates and brings sexiness back to the idea of being committed, being a mom and being successful in her own right," Grisanti shared. "She does not hide her femininity, she embraces it."

It's a theme thundering among thousands of women across the country: Smart is the new sexy. Michelle Obama is it.

"She represents what many strive for in terms of beauty, class and intelligence," adds entrepreneur and TV personality Shira Lazar. "She is a role model that can teach all of us that it is possible to balance it all: being in the public eye, marriage, kids, work - while maintaining amazing grace and sophistication."

Oh, and confidential to Michelle: Power Girls have your back. When asked what advice they'd share with America's New Sweetheart, responses poured in.

"Listen to your inner self. Protect your integrity and go for it all, girl!" said founder Florence Klein. Diane Helbig of Seize This Day Coaching advises Mrs. President to trust her instincts. And, of course, there was plenty of fashion and style tips.

"Michelle, there's no style problem that some Spanx, a little Burt's Bees lip balm and a great pair of shoes can't fix," adds America's Shoe Expert, Meghan Cleary.

Without a doubt, Michelle is the new "It" girl among women in business. Power Girls know one of their own when they see it.

In honor of the inauguration, today's special post replaces this week's Thursday New Power Girls edition. We'll resume the series on Monday, January 26