The New Power Girls: How to Think, Do, and Live Bigger in Business

The New Power Girls: How to Think, Do, and Live Bigger in Business
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Monday's post talked about one of the most common traits I've noticed among the Power Girls I know and have met: They are women who think, do and live bigger.

They don't just own their own businesses; they envision multi-platform empires and take cool, calculated steps to get there. They're not just interested in being high profile, highly successful business leaders, but have their sights on balanced, happy lives - from their homes to marriage to raising children. As I've come to meet, know and talk with more and more Power Girls, they're among some of the happiest, most satisfied women I've met.

Here's how they do it:

Think Bigger: The ticket to thinking like a Power Girl is to dream big for your business. It starts with the basic concept of your company and builds from there. Grab a notebook from Borders or your local market and start jotting down ideas of how you can expand, leveraging tools like the internet and media to your advantage. Own a bakery? Consider creating a blog with tips on how to pair baked goods with meals. From there, you've got the potential to position yourself as an expert, net media coverage and possibly, a book to drive traffic (and revenue!) to your bottom line. Or, you can create a small retail site and use the blog to generate business, ala Wine Library TV on the site.

Do Bigger: Power Girls are highly focused when it comes to executing their vision. They understand that big success comes in small, strategic and consistent steps, and carefully map their plans. As founder Kathryn Finney puts it, "I visualize a project/business/problem as a tree. I start with the roots/foundation, start to solidify the idea (i.e. the trunk) and then as the idea becomes solid and strong, I start to think of other branches/ideas that originate from it." Once you've got the big picture in place for your company, break it into smaller pieces, then tackle each from there. It's the secret behind some of today's most successful modern women entrepreneurs.

Live Bigger: Women today don't differentiate when it comes to setting their eye on the prize. They seek - and create - paramount success in love, home, life, family, and social lives as much as they do in business. One minute, they may be going toe-to-toe with a top level venture capitalist or brokering a business deal for their company, the next they'll take a lavish lunch at a chic restaurant with friends. They're the ultimate combination of the driven, accomplished and dedicated women of the past, from the first women of corporate America in the 70s and 80s to the women CEOs of the 90s and 2000s. They work hard, and live and play harder - and most of all, are happy doing it.

"I don't know how to dream small," said Melanie Notkin, of "Since I was a child, I always saw my goals and let nothing get in the way of them. I guess you can call it drive or ambition. I call it living to my potential - and being the judge of what my potential is." In just four months, Notkin's company has attracted some of the biggest brands in the business, she's nabbing top level TV appearances, and so much more.

"And by the way, I'm no where there yet," she adds.

Spoken like a true power woman? You bet!

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