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The New Power Girls: How to Strike Balance in Business

Today's successful women are the ultimate hybrid of power women of the past, a mix of 70s ambition, 80s determination, 90s CEO clout and modern style - all rolled into one dynamic package.
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Monday's post discussed the eighth most common trait I've noticed among the women entrepreneurs I've met and know: They're masters of balance in their worlds.

It's not just a case of simply being able to juggle work and life, or making time for family and friends. It's the inherent ability to strike harmony in all areas of who they are, from what they love to how they dress, to how they spend their time and live.

Power Girls understand that a woman can be all things and they're nailing it.

They take high level meetings in Prada heels, sing in the car on the way to the office, giggle over drinks with other fellow female entrepreneurs. They know the secret trick to pulling a look together in the airport, and talk as much about their favorite mascara as they do social media or their last CNN segment.

"The paradox of being a woman entrepreneur is that intensity is often needed in other areas to counterbalance the intensity of the entrepreneurial life," said Anne Giles-Clelland, founder of Handshake 2.0. "Classic activities for seeking balance are playing with pets, gathering with friends, meditating, or exercise. I do them all acutely."

Today's successful women are the ultimate hybrid of power women of the past, a mix of 1970s ambition, 1980s determination, 1990s CEO clout and modern style - all rolled into one dynamic package.

Here's how they do it:

Live by the List: Nearly every woman in The New Power Girls email subscription group cited list making as their number one secret to keeping balanced in all they do. Sobo Fitness founder Jillian Montes relies on a day planner, while Deb Lee of D. Allison Professional Organizers users her Blackberry. I keep track of everything from meetings with Yahoo and YouTube to my favorite hair vitamins and spa appointments in cute notebooks from Borders book store.

Let You Be You: Finance entrepreneur Paulina Glater is as much known for her fantastic taste as she is for her business. founder Kathryn Finney runs the number one fashion blog on the web - but can equally name the hottest spots in New York. I sold my first company in Marc by Marc Jacobs aviators and lounge pants from Juicy Couture. Be great at what you do in business, but also be you.

Learn the Rotation: The new modern women entrepreneurs know that balancing business, life, love and other elements in their life is a lot like playing soccer. Sometimes, you'll sprint, other times you'll jog, and there'll be days where you can rest on the bench. As one Power Girl was recently quoted, see time in hours not days and slate what you need from there.

Make It A Point to Do: Power Girls make it a point to do what they love to do. Whether its yoga, collecting art, fitness training, playing with their children, charity or working out, they schedule it with the same importance as the business things they do. For TV personality, author and entrepreneur Zoe Alexander, it's as important to schedule her "me time" as it is to mapping her segments and appearances. Even if only a sliver, carve time out for the things you love to do.

The secret behind the success of the fresh crop of women entrepreneurs? Knowing that they can do it all, be it all - and enjoy it all, too.

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