The New Power Girls Style: More Sneaky Tips for Balancing Work/Life from Entrepreneurs and Executives

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In my last entry, I had talked about sneaky strategies for juggling health, wellness and happiness in busy lives. More than two dozen women entrepreneurs and executives chimed in to share their own tips and tactics for doing everything from drinking more water to exercise to getting enough sleep.

Power Girls know how to create the world they want to live in, then get busy finding the most efficient ways to do it.

"Burt's Bees Lifeguard chapstick. It's mentholated and somewhat white, and does wonders for dark, puffy tired eyes," shared founder Alyssa Royse. Online boutique owner Robyn Volker rides her bike to the office and wakes a little earlier to read and enjoy breakfast.. Stilista LLC Managing Partner Maria Vasilevksy swears by GHD hair irons to tame tresses when pressed for time. Romy Taormina of Psi Bands relies on technology to help manage her household when she's away on business.

"I create an Excel Spreadsheet for my husband for each day that I'm gone that includes all those "things" I do as a mom that I don't normally download to anybody else," she said.

Today's successful women are balancing things better than ever, be it fitness, family, fashion - even femininity - to have the lives we hope to have.

"When a woman taps into and owns her femininity and all of the innate qualities that make her a woman, there is no stopping the rise of her star - in career and life," said Cindy Yantis, co-author of Cashmere Glove: The Feminine Approach to Business.

It's a chorus I've heard from dozens of the women entrepreneurs and executives I've met and know. The areas that most women struggle with? Rest, sex, health, style and social life. Here are more ways they're handling it:

Rest: Vasilevksy uses morning time to relax and spend time with her husband and child. founder Flores Klein takes a late day power nap to stay well rested and energized. Sip caffine tea or a warm milk steamer and grab a book before bed. It can help wind down from a chaotic day and ramp up a good night of rest.

Sex: Alot of busy women have mates that are as busy, making dating and intimacy difficult. Many have said they make it a point to let go of whatever stress, etc, before dates, turn off smart phones and treat time with husbands/boyfriends as if it were as important as a big business meeting. It can definitely set the pace for good loving later.

Style: Miss Meghan Media's Meghan Cleary taps a great pair of heels to add instant style to any outfit. founder Sayeh Pezeshki relies on jewelry and great jackets. Whatever your go-to tactic may be, to stay stylish on the go be sure to have a few preset, no fail outfits on hand, including accessories.

Social Life: L.A. entrepreneurs Cleary, Pezeshki and others (including myself!) tie work and play in by hosting co-working session at each other's houses. We cook or order in dinner, mix drinks and tackle our own projects. We also schedule salon visits or other errands together to make it more fun and social.

Fitness/Wellness: Power Girls walk or take the stairs to sneak in exercise, set gym time, rely on vitamins, smoothies and fresh fruit to keep healthy. Dr. Soram Khalsa, elected as one of the "Best Doctors in America" in 2007, advises entrepreneurs and CEOs to take 2000IU of vitamin D3 for good health.

"It is critical that CEOs, entrepreneurs and hard-working executives take good care of their physical health, as so many people depend on them for leadership and guidance," added Dr. Khalsa.

Today, that includes more women than ever.