The New Power Girls: The Neglected Value Of Being One Thing To Some People vs Being Everything To Everyone

We live in a world where everybody wants to be everything to everyone. Mega-stores sell everything, online retailers carry endless merchandise, etc. It's casting the widest net with the idea that it's the best bet. In some ways, that may be right. But, there's still something to the lost art of being one thing some people, or doing one thing well and owning it.

That was one of the first things Sprinkles Cupcakes founder Candace Nelson had said when we met and chatted with her last year. Not only did Candace found the first-ever cupcake only bakery but also did it amidst plenty of naysayers who said such a think wouldn't work. Candace stayed the course. Sprinkles is growing crazy fast - it just opened a new Chicago location. Candace is on the TV show Cupcake Wars.

This was something that came to mind as I worked and played in Los Angeles this past week. In a world where everything's expected to be super sized - ideas, audiences, etc., there's still plenty of value in doing what you do well and nothing more.

It was something that came up as I met and chatted with female founders Dana Foley and Anna Corinna of the favorite fashion company, Foley and Corinna. The duo talked about just that - they focused on what they did best and did it well. Today, they've branched into all kinds of new initiatives, including a new retail website that integrates editorial/blog content. But, they've stayed to what they do well in creating products their customers love -- and its bode well for them as it has for many years now.

Throughout the week I found myself thinking about it. It came to conversation while NPG co-creatore Meghan and I stirred Sensa cocktails and talked about life and business during the Breakthrough of the Year awards at the city's Pacific Design Center. The event was presented by Crest 3D White and sort of played into the same theme I guess - the awards celebrate leading talent in film, TV, and other categories.

In other words, doing what you do well and owning it.

It's a good lesson in how all kinds of businesses can and should operate. In today's age as media companies scramble for the most eyeballs possible, it seems everybody has forgotten the lost value of owning a niche. The top niche magazine in most categories nabbed 50k readers - but it was 50k of the most targeted, engaged audience brands could get their hands on.

It's something that will likely come back in style in the coming years in business. But for many of today's new modern women entrepreneurs and executives, it's been the exact secret to their success.