The New Power Girls: Video Series Episode 2 - Sprinkles Cupcakes Founder Candace Nelson on Creating A Niche Product

If there is one thing you'll find about the new modern women entrepreneurs and executives today, it's that they are fantastic at identifying and owning niches. Rachel Ray cornered the market on simple cooking. Arianna Huffington took hold of - then owned - political news and commentary online. There are hundreds of hundreds of women entrepreneurs on The New Power Girls email subscriber list that are doing the same across a bunch of different markets. Among those is Sprinkles Cupcakes founder Candace Nelson, who has taken the food industry by storm with the first cupcake-only bakery.

In a matter of a few short years, Nelson successfully entered, established shop and then moved to corner the cupcake market. Her recipe is incredible. There's nothing else like it.

Power Girls know how to see a niche, make a move, and ultimately, own their market.

When Candace talks about Sprinkles and its success, it's with the same cool confidence of the many women entrepreneurs and executives I've met and know. It's not cockiness but the solid knowledge of her industry and the experience she's gained as an entrepreneur. Hear her speak once, be it on the Today show or on a panel (or in this week's episode) and you're instantly learning. What's incredible is Nelson's patience in truly making Sprinkles the very best version of her vision. The recipe for the now famous cupcakes took two years in the making and it's obvious real thought went into everything about the brand, down to the signature dot that appears on its cupcakes.

When it comes to owning a category, Nelson means business.

This week, fellow entrepreneur Meghan Cleary and I got Nelson's top three tips for owning a niche as part of The New Power Girls conversational how-to video series. Shot at the gorgeous Oceana hotel in Santa Monica (with goodies from, Bliss, Cosabella, and John Kelly chocolates), we got together with woman behind Red Velvet to find out what we all really want to know: How she did it.

The New Power Girls how-to video series will be published every Wednesday for the next six weeks and includes great women entrepreneurs like iJustine, Candace Nelson of Sprinkles cupcakes and more. Be sure to check back!