The New Power Girls: Putting a New Spin on the Old Boys Network

A friend and fellow entrepreneur, Paige Rolfe of, recently spent time in the Amazon with one of oldest tribes in the world. When I asked her about life there, she described a scene that reminded me a little of life here: The women collaborate when it comes to doing their work. In fact, looking back over the course of time, women around the world have always banded together to their benefit.

It's the second major trait I've noticed about Power Girls as well. We are highly synergistic.

A great example is Rolfe herself. As she worked to roll out the second phase of her company's vision, she regularly tapped fellow women entrepreneurs and friends for their thoughts and feedback through a variety of small get-togethers. While munching on fresh vegetables and sipping wine, women shared insight, potential contacts and opinions as Paige bounced her ideas -- all with valuable benefit.

I've seen similar activity among many of the modern business women I know. Power Girls understand that there's immense benefit to working together, and they're very open to doing it.

"They say two minds are better than one," said Rolfe.

I can relate. After selling my first start-up, then moving to develop the TV show concept I've had my sights on creating for the past three years, I felt a little unsure of what I wanted to do next. The answer came over BLD's incredible banana cream pie with friend and fellow Power Girl Meghan Cleary. I left focused, centered, and most of all, armed with fresh ideas and perspective (including this series on Huffington Post). A few days later, I lent a helping hand to a friend who is about to release her first independent film, aiding in mapping an internet strategy. That week, another connected all of us with a prospective event.

The same type of support happens among Power Girls around the country.

It isn't limited to just brainstorming ideas over wine or lunch, but in all elements of their businesses. Today's modern women entrepreneurs assist each other just about anywhere they can. It's often done through casual and social outings, but also traditional means like via email, or even text. They share high level contacts, make introductions, open business doors for each other, and work together on their company plans. When one nabs a prestigious invitation or access to a key event, she'll share it with all she can. It's similar with media opportunities and speaking engagements. Many regularly host small dinners and mixers, bringing together like-minded female founders to network and interact.

Power Girls aren't intimidated by their peers' success. In fact, they encourage it.

"Collaboration is important among the New Power Girls because it's what the Old Boys networks do -- except we do it maybe at the spa or over dinner rather than the golf course," said Cleary over email. "High level business people know that sharing information, resources and contacts helps all of us -- for the New Power Girls, every time one of us have a big win, it's like a wave getting bigger and bigger and lifting all of our boats up."

Truer words couldn't have been said. Power Girls get it.