The New SAT

Hi, my name is Jose! I work with Malibu A Plus Tutor. I am excited to share with you about The New SAT. The SAT is an admission test most U.S. colleges use to determine whether or not a student will be admitted into their institution. SAT is not an IQ Test. SAT is not a test of aptitude nor a personality type test. SAT simply test students how well you prepare for the SAT. I like to take you on a journey how the SAT has been as of now in compare to the new SAT starting on March 2016.


The SAT is a paper-based test monitored and provided at schools around the U.S. and foreign countries where they have international schools teaching in the English language. The SAT is a 3-hour and 45-minute exam structured with 9 sections including an essay. The 3 main categories are:

1. CRITICAL READING (70 Minutes in which include two 25-minute sections, and one 20-minute section.)

There are 48 passages, 19 sentence completion. The content is extended reasoning, literal comprehension, vocabulary in context.

2. MATHEMATICS (70 Minutes in which include two 25-minute sections, and one 20-minute section.)

There are 44 standard multiple-choice question and 10 student-produced response. The content involved numbers, operations, Algebra and functions, Geometry and measurement, Data analysis, statistics, and probability.

3. WRITING (60 Minutes in which include one 25-Minute essay, one 25-minute section, and one 10-minute section)

There is a 1/4 of point deducted from each incorrect question, while the blank answers earn 0 points. Each section- 1. CRITICAL READING 2. MATHEMATICS 3. WRITING is scored out of 800, for a maximum possible score 2400.

THE NEW SAT (It Will Start On March 2016):

It is mainly divided into 3 main categories:

1. EVIDENCE-BASED READING & WRITING (100 Minutes in which include a. READING for one 65-minute section. a. WRITING for one 35-Minute Section)


There are 52 standard multiple choice. The content with relevant words in context and command of evidence.


There are 44 standard multiple-choice. The content includes relevant words in context, expression of ideas, standard English conventions.

2. MATHEMATICS (80 Minutes in which include one 25-minute section (no calculator) and one 55-Minute section (calculator allowed)

There are 45 standard multiple-choice and 12 student-produced response. The contest is based on the heart of Algebra, advanced math, and problem solving & data analysis.

3. ESSAY (OPTIONAL)-(50 Minutes to write one essay)

There is one evidence-based essay analyzing a source.

The good news is that now points will not be deducted for an incorrect question. This is an opportunity to make sure to answer all questions no matter what. Each area is score out of 800 and together, it can create a composite score or a maximum of 1600.

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