The New Taylor Is Ellen DeGeneres In 'Look What You Made Me Do' Spoof

We weren't ready for it.

Alert, Taylor Swift haters: You’ll probably like this music video better. 

It’s been a minute since the self-identifying queen of snakes broke the internet with the release of her “Look What You Made Me Do” music video. Some yaaas’d, others jeered, but Swift laughed all the way to the bank with the single reigning at No. 1 on the charts ― at least for now

But the greatest sign of a hit is how many parodies it attracts. Here, we see the “original cut” of the video featuring none other than Ellen DeGeneres

“I thought it was good. I was in the original, because I’m part of her squad,” DeGeneres joked about appearing in the spoof video. “Apparently she cut me out because she’s threatened by me sometimes. Nice try, Tay Tay, because I got my hands on the real video.”

The talk show host commits (and then some) to the concept, diving into the video’s tub of diamonds with Swift and picking up the now-infamous phone call announcing her demise. 

“Somebody’s got a little attitude today, huh,” DeGeneres asks Swift in the video.