The New Type of Required Thinking


In the world today, I believe that there is a new type of thinking that is required for one to succeed in the world we now live in. Once upon a time it was sufficient, in fact expected, for a person to simply go to school, apply for a job, get the job, and then work in that same job for the rest of said person's working life. Even back in the fairly recent '80s and '90s, the job market was plentiful, and pretty much anyone could just waltz into the job market and pick one up at the snap of a finger. Today however, the market is much more difficult, and will only get tougher as technology continues to eat away at people's jobs. Adding to this is the fact that employee's nowadays don't often tend to stick in the one job for the entirety of their working lives. It is common practice today for people to have 4 or 5 different careers in their one working life. All these new dynamics in the career world at present mean that individuals need to adopt a way more critical approach in their thinking to what they once did. They have to challenge authority, they have to question authority, and they have to think outside of the box. In this article I will be discussing this new type of dynamic thinking that is required for getting ahead in the world we live in today.

I had an interesting conversation recently about how to get by today, it is essential to think creatively. Personally, I think that this is much much more so for people who don't have helpful family connections. For those people with worthwhile family connections, the world is often made out to be easy. Nephew Jimmy simply needs to give Uncle Sam a call and ask him for a job. As the world has become so much more competitive in the last decade, the job market has become increasingly condensed, and the status quo has gotten very ardent about protecting their own job positions. This has meant that throughout many places in the western world, talent is not always rewarded. I think this is perhaps different for people who are the absolute top of the class, but for those people who are anything less than the top rung, and who do not have those high up family connections, the need to think outside-the-box is critical. The big slogan of the world's top company by market cap, Apple, is to think different. And for the individual, that slogan has never been more important than right now. In fact, right now it is essential that the individual thinks different. The individual should be constantly exploring and opening up new opportunities. Because who knows what is going to happen tomorrow? Self-driving cars could enter the marketplace, and that taxi driver who had previously held his job for 30 years, suddenly loses it. Where does he go now? And if he has always assumed that he was secure in his job, and he had never bothered to explore other opportunities, he would be shit out of luck.

The bottom line is that it is essential for people today to think outside of the box if they are to get ahead in the world. The world is a place today that is changing faster than at any other point throughout our entire evolution. The advent of the internet in the late 90s, is only just now starting to mature to a point whereupon productively could actually be created from our increased connectivity. In addition to this, automation of technology is putting an increased amount of pressure on the job market. The individual needs to think creatively in order to stay relevant, and in order to keep their head above water.