The New Wealth Consciousness


Society is currently experiencing a major shift in consciousness and wealth. It is a shift away from the old view that for one person to win another must lose and a shift towards a new view in which you, others and society can all win simultaneously. I refer to this phenomenon as the Triple Win.


The New Wealth Consciousness is based on a shift in our basic capitalist beliefs. By embracing this new belief system you will experience a personal shift in your wealth consciousness and a shift in how you both view and create wealth.

When you live in the old wealth consciousness, you have a scarcity mindset. You don't believe there is enough money or resources to go around. As a result, you are constantly living in fear that you will never have enough. Your focus becomes how to outcompete others for customers, talent and resources. You are constantly afraid of losing everything and becoming bankrupt, so you actually sub-consciously restrict the growth of your business because of your fear of spending money on marketing and top talent.

You falsely believe that for you to win, others must lose. This is because you not only think you are separate and essentially alone on your quest for wealth. You also believe there is a limited pool of wealth in the world. When you are in this old scarcity mindset, you believe real power comes from dominating, exploiting and exerting authority over others.

You hold onto past, rigid ways of seeing life, because it feels safe. This causes you to live an inauthentic life, one in which you actually limit your own choices because you are afraid of new possibilities. You feel alone, separate and empty inside.

Instead of being conscious of your real power, you continue to perpetuate inaccurate beliefs that neither serve you nor anyone else. Therefore, instead of cooperating with others to maximize both your and their wealth you never achieve your true potential. The truth is abundant wealth results from collaborating and working together for the common good. This allows you, others, and the world to all win together.

When you wake up to what is truly possible in your life and shift to a New Wealth Consciousness, you realize that life is naturally abundant. There is actually no limit to the amount of wealth you can enjoy. The reason is simple. You can create an unlimited amount of wealth by adding value for others!


How do you add value? You start by making a difference to others in ways that matter to them. In this regard, your life becomes significant because you help others. It can come in the form of any product, service or experience that solves your customer's problems. When you provide the value you are on Earth to deliver, you will have all the customers you could ever desire.

Once you understand this, you naturally desire to build cooperative partnerships so you can leverage yourself. Rather than focusing on lack, fear or how to outcompete others, your focus turns to expanding wealth, both for yourself and for those with whom your partner. You realize that you are not here to compete, but to create new possibilities.


When you embrace the New Wealth Consciousness, you move into a much more authentic way of living and conducting business. This becomes evident in the support you provide to others and society, including a conscious connection and a feeling of team. The more conscious you become, the more options and opportunities you will see to change your life and the lives of others. It is as if your blinders were removed and you can suddenly see abundant new possibilities in every moment!

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