'The Newsroom': The Cast Of Aaron Sorkin's New HBO Drama Dishes About Their Characters

"The Newsroom" (premieres Sun., June 24, 10 p.m. ET on HBO) is very much an Aaron Sorkin show, and it's ruffled a lot of critical feathers. You've probably read reviews on both ends of the spectrum (including thoughts from HuffPost TV's own Maureen Ryan), but what is the show really about?

I caught up with the cast of "The Newsroom," including Jeff Daniels, Emily Mortimer, Sam Waterston and creator Aaron Sorkin, at the show's Los Angeles premiere to hear more about their complicated characters in this ensemble drama series.

What's it like working on a Sorkin show set in a fast-paced cable newsroom with even faster-paced dialogue -- in just three words? "Sphincter-clenching. Exciting. Sleep-depriving," Mortimer said with a laugh. Her costar Alison Pill had her own take: "Quickly -- that's how we have to talk. Funnily -- that's how we have to act. And lovingly -- because we're all a big, happy, stupidly loving family."

And in true Sorkin style, star Thomas Sadoski couldn't stick to just three words to describe it. "Joyful. Inspiring. Exhausting. I'd say Kicked. In the. Head. That's four [laughs] -- but in the best possible way. We had the best time working on this show."

Click through our gallery to read more from the cast about their characters and what to expect in this first season, then check out some spoilery scoop on two other characters here.

"The Newsroom" Cast Character Introductions