'The Newsroom' Season 3 'Contempt' Recap: An Echo Chamber Of Mansplaining

Aaron Sorkin has been performing quite the balancing act all year on The Newsroom, but with one cataclysmically self-involved, screechingly annoying episode he blew all the goodwill he’d carefully built up this season. With only two episodes remaining in the series, with every plot viewers might care about collapsing in on itself, the show indulged all its worst tendencies.

There were countless conversations that doubled as mind-numbing lectures on the state of journalism. There was lame, acidic misogyny that basically went unpunished because this show can’t help but worship its leading men. There was a closing musical montage, centered around an impromptu wedding, set to a hideous soft-guitar cover of “Ave Maria,” that just about outdid The Newsroom’s previous rock-bottom, when news team covered Gabrielle Giffords’s shooting to the sound of Coldplay’s “Fix You.”

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