The Next Level: 5 Success Strategies to Transition with Ease

Transition, no matter what type, is typically never as smooth as one expects. Oftentimes it occurs without warning, and at other times, one may be fortunate to come up with a strategic plan. Let's face it; a turbulent transition can lead to induced stress, financial strain, health issues, family problems, and the list goes on to infinity.

We had the chance to catch up with speaker, author and Next Level Consultant, Demetra Moore, Founder of Moore Out of Life, Inc., based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Moore is launching her Live Your Best Life Project where she'll educate, train and equip individuals with the necessary tools to overcome obstacles in their careers, businesses and personal lives.


"I work with those who have been knocked down and blindsided by life--whether layoffs, terminations, bankruptcies, financial hardships, or personal losses. I have been there and therefore apply the same strategies that helped me on my come back journey."

How To Transition With Ease:

1. RAISE THE BAR: When life knocks you flat on your face, you have the power to get back up. It's critical for you to keep challenging yourself to safely regroup and restart. You are not in a competition with anyone--but yourself. Raising the bar is healthy pressure that will help you to move forward and navigate to your next level.

2. REAFFIRM YOUR IDENTITY: You have to know who you are, what you want and what you stand for (your value system.) Having a strong sense of identity will provide you with the strong foundation needed to build a realistic action plan. It will also make you more visible and valuable based on your unique gifts, skills and attributes. You'll start to land better opportunities, expand your network, and attract higher paying clients or salaries.

3. FACE YOUR FEARS: I often tell my clients to "do it afraid" meaning you have to work through your fears, and not allow them to bully you. Don't get bogged down with trying to be perfect, or waiting for things to get better. Some people resent this aspect of personal development, but it's critical for your transformation and causes you to stretch beyond your comfort zone. Transition introduces change, and change is necessary for growth. It really boils down to becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable.

4. MASTER YOUR DOMAIN: Life transitions often calls for changing how you spend your time and who you spend it with. Start putting yourself in safe environments that are conducive for support, learning, healing and growth. Be willing to make an investment in yourself. Eventually you'll become what you decide to surround yourself with and master what enters your "world."

5. MOVE FASTER WITH A MENTOR: Successful icons such as Oprah, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama all had numerous transitions in their journey. Success leaves clues. If you have or can identify a trusted and experienced mentor to help guide you through a tough transition, then that's priceless. Instantly, you'll gain the confidence, clarity and process needed to help you pick up and put the pieces of the puzzle together again. Sometimes, passion or gifting or skill set simply won't cut it. It takes an outside perspective to pull you from the pit to a smooth place of safety.

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