The NFL and Jameis Winston

The NFL, which has been so embarrassed by its investigation, or lack there of, into the circumstances involving Ray Rice's battery of his wife, should now take a hard look at Jamies Winston before they allow his entry into the 2015 draft.

From what the newspapers say, it's just about a sure thing that Jameis is going to try to enter the draft within a few days. The NFL, especially the two women recently added to its staff to review players behavior, might want to read The New York Times reports on Winston's hearing before the Florida State University investigation on charges of rape made against him by a co-ed two years earlier.

At the hearing, Winston and the two other football players involved "all refused to testify and answer questions." Instead they offered a five-page document declaring their innocence. The accuser did testify. Nevertheless, the judge decided in Winston's favor.

The Times reported on December 21, 2014, that a former Florida Supreme Court Chief Justice who was hearing the case ruled that "Both [sides] have their own strengths and weaknesses..." and, quoting The Times, "He could not find with any confidence that either version, or a combination of the two, 'is more probable than not as required to find you [Wint responsible for a violation of the Code.'"

John Clune, the accuser's lawyer, said, again quoting The Times, "We are stunned and dismayed by the order... It's not a decision at all, but a statement that the judge couldn't decide... The order doesn't even follow the student conduct code, and it ignores the bulk of the evidence."

I would suggest that the NFL demand full copies of the investigation and the judge's rulings and demands that Winston answer questions posed by NFL lawyers before it authorizes the presence of Jameis Winston in the 2015 draft.

Once bitten, twice shy, is a valuable lesson for all of us to remember, the NFL included.