'The Night Circus': Rêveurs

The Circus Is Coming...

Have you fallen deep in love with The Night Circus yet? It took a few weeks for everyone on the HuffPost Books team to warm to the magical references, the suspension of belief and the expected love story. But now that we've decided to let go and let the book be exactly what it is, it's been a highly enjoyable read. Our readers have had a similar experience.

“I don't usually read fantasy but this is so rich with detail, and fraught with mystery and meaning. I've always loved post-modern, non-linear narrative... it leaves mysteries solved first by the imagination and then the author. Am I sometimes disappointed by that? Never.” - wildflower801

“I got the eBook after I finished the audiobook. As I read, I could hear the voices in my mind, so it was like listening again. The only thing I liked better was being able to linger on a paragraph or a sentence, more free to set the pace." - Asemeco

As with some of our other books, we're learning through you which styles of reading feel more appropriate to this story and how you've incorporated the book into your daily reading diet. Some readers have been impacted by the descriptions of the circus, some needed the assistance of audio to make it through the winding timeline, others positioned their feelings through art work.

As we make our way into the next chapters (June 17: 206-266, or Tete-a-Tete through Stormy Seas) let's talk about:

- Tara: Accident or not?

- Bailey: What does the future hold for this character?

- The circus: If you could commission a commemorative clock, what would it look like?

Head over to our discussion board and give your best reply to our current commenters, and leave your own thoughts.

Kindle readers: Have you been highlighting your passages? We have and we'd love to know what parts of the book resonate with you the most.

We'll be highlighting our favorite comments in the next newsletter. And as always, feel free to email your thoughts on this book and the book club in general.

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