The Nine Commandments of Eco-Sex: Getting It on the Green Way in 2011

What's your number one resolution for 2011? If you answered, "getting more action," you're not only honest, you've come to the right post. Perhaps you're green, single, and hoping to hook up with someone on the same page. Whether you're looking to spice up your current relationship or start something new and steamy, here's how start doing it (and doing it well).

Eco-Sex starts with your relationship to your own body. In order to seduce (and allow yourself to be seduced) it always helps to begin with feeling beautiful. The fastest way to get there? Embrace healthy self-care habits, instead of slathering a poisonous brew of conventional, chemical-laden products on your skin, your biggest organ. The vast majority of personal care items for sale at your local pharmacy are just plain bad for you. What's the point of getting gussied up when you're simultaneously killing yourself with toxins that cause cancer and disrupt your hormones? Join the ecosexual revolution and do it the only way you should -- the green way.

The Nine Commandments of Eco-Sex: Getting It On the Green Way in 2011