The Nine Weirdest PSAs Ever Made (VIDEO)

The Nine Weirdest PSAs Ever Made (VIDEO)

There are many serious issues here and abroad that deserve more attention and non-profit advocates have taken to the airwaves to solicit contributions and raise awareness.

Unfortunately, some of them miss the mark and give us incredibly creepy videos that make us want to hide from the moving image forever, or create a cult classic that has lost its weight and power due to some unfortunate casting or strange music choices.

Of course there are also the kind of Public Service Announcements that start out normal, but end up taking their point to an illogical conclusion therefore making you think, "the anti-pot group must have been high when filming this."

Here are the nine weirdest, creepiest, funniest, or similarly bizarre PSAs available on the internet...

I'm not sure what this anti-drug ad is for, but regardless I think we can all agree they present some pretty impressive reasons for using cocaine.

I am a huge "Starship Troopers" fan, giant bugs being fought by pseudo-nazis and Doogie Houser? Amazing. But I don't know that I would have revived Casper Van Dien's career to help children in need. An anti-vermin PSA maybe, but this is too far of a leap.

Raise your hand if you would let this man in your house? No one? Oh, that's a surprise considering he's deeply creepy, an obvious liar and British. Too bad this lady knew all that and just kept giggling instead of screaming for help.

I really enjoy when people dress up like condoms. Usually I get my fix of this at the New York Halloween parade, but in this case an Indian PSA about safe sex that informs viewers "I come in different flavors and colors," will last me a lifetime.

In this anti-child swinging PSA, we learn that child-swinging in general is a bad idea, but drunk child-swinging is a definite no-no. I wasn't even allowed to play with a basketball indoors, why do people allow this man to whip his child around like a lasso?

PeeWee says, "Don't do crack," and when Pee Wee speaks, everybody listens, especially when you're trapped in a dark room with him.

Did you know that mumps can make your testicles swell? If not this ad is for you.

Is it just me or does this ad make doing Meth look kind of awesome? My apartment is a mess and I don't have cheery music following me around during the day.

Don't smoke pot before your big Karate show, ok? It's a really bad idea:


Thanks to user mem16 for this hilarious British PSA about how fridges can kill children. It seems to good to be true, but the YouTube user who uploaded says she saw this on TV as a kid. Nuttiness:

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