The No Impact Week Guide Is Here!

The No Impact Week Guide Is Here!

Alright folks, the guide for HuffPost's inaugural No Impact Week is here! Thousands of you have already signed up for our week-long carbon cleanse starting October 18th, and now all of the details about how to pull this exciting week off are available. The week is not about strict rules or precisely replicating No Impact Man (unless you want to!) it's about thinking about your environmental impact in a new way and picking the goals that are right for you.

(but don't print it -- remember your impact!) read through it, and share it with your friends, family and coworkers. If you haven't signed up for No Impact Week, you can do so
. We're asking people to sign up so we can communicate with you about the week-- and as one way for you to share your experiences with us. We'll also be inviting you to send in photos, videos and blogs to be featured on HuffPost Green. You can also keep the conversation going on Twitter by using the hashtag #nipweek and following @noimpactgroup.

To Sign Up For HuffPost's No Impact Week, Click Here!

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