The No-Nonsense Quote That Got Me Through The 'Hell' Of Divorce

Your new daily mantra.

When we first launched HuffPost Divorce in 2010, we featured a series called "Divorce Aphorisms of the Day."

The series -- just like the section itself -- was the brainchild of the late Nora Ephron, a woman whose wit and wisdom on the subject of divorce and heartbreak is unparalleled.

"It crosses our mind that there's far too much attention paid to aphorisms about falling in love and not nearly enough to those about falling out of love," Ephron wrote in the introduction.

She was absolutely right. In homage to Ephron -- and because quotes about heartbreak really should be given more due -- we've relaunched the series with the help of our readers. Was there a saying, quote or mantra that helped you move on during your divorce? We want to hear it! Send the quote and a few sentences about it to divorce@huffingtonpost.com for consideration.

Writer Jodi Meltzer doesn't beat around the bush when describing the divorce process. Splitting up after six years of marriage, she says, was its own kind of hell.

Below, the Boston-based mom -- who recently got engaged to a man she met through HuffPost Divorce (!!) -- shares the quote that made the legal process a little easier to bear.

"Why this quote? Divorce is nothing short of hell. My divorce was finalized late last year, but the legal motions and emotions swirling around divorce are overwhelming, devastating and seemingly unending. But, in time, the fire of your personal hell turns to ashes you can sweep to the corners of your mind. You just have to keep going until the smoke clears because it always does." -- Jodi Meltzer

Check out the slideshow for more quotes that inspired our readers:

Divorce Aphorisms

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