'The Nominator' Can Get Any Movie An Oscar Nomination (For All The Wrong Reasons)

Finally, get all the Oscar nom-noms you deserve.

So even though you've done plenty of Oscar-worthy performances, you just can't seem to lock down that nomination. Well, you may be doing something wrong. And the UCB group Pocketwatch has just the person you need to talk to: The Nominator.

Check out Pocketwatch's latest sketch and let the Nominator show you exactly how to get that Oscar nod you've been looking for.*

*This post is written in a British accent, because we're pretty sure it will get us an Oscar nomination.



  • 1 There will be a standing ovation for someone incredibly worthy
  • 2 which everyone will clap like this
  • 3 A beautiful actress will gurn
  • 4 A charistmatic actor will lose his s***
  • 5 Keith Urban will be there with Nicole Kidman
  • 6 Anne Hathaway will be there looking modest
  • 7 Actors will try to hide their 'disappointed' face. At least one will fail.
  • 8 There will be red carpet awkwardness
  • 9 Brangelina will be impossibly beautiful and loved-up
  • 10 Jim Carrey will remind us that he's still a) alive and b) funny
  • 11 Jennifer Lawrence will be adorable
  • 12 And so will Emma Stone
  • 13 There will be at least one accident involving shoes
  • 14 And/or a dress
  • 15 An actor will co-present with an actress who is much, much taller than him
  • 16 An actress will react like this when she wins
  • 17 We will be uncomfortably close to a winning actor when they kiss their partner like this
  • 18 Meryl Streep will rock
  • 19 Benedict Cumberbatch will be suitably British
  • 20 Bill Murray will be suitably cool
  • 21 You will wish you were there (sitting next to Jennifer Lawrence)