The NYGMen Podcast: NFC/AFC Championship Weekend REVIEW

In this NFC/AFC Championship Weekend Review, unfortunately released a week late, we discuss some of the then noteworthy sports headlines such as Paul Shirley's insensitive remarks relating to Haiti, Tim Tebow's controversial Super Bowl ad to be aired by CBS, and Greg Oden's embarrassing (or impressive?) photos on the internet. Of course, we also get into the Indianapolis Colts decisive defeat of the cinderella New York Jets. To discuss the Minnesota Vikings' debacle against the New Orleans Saints, we have the NYGMen Podcast's resident Vikings' fan/expert J-LA, commiserating with him over what was, objectively speaking, an awful loss. we even touch on steroids and concussions. And FINALLY, after managing to skirt the issue for some time, we get into the G-Men for a little bit.

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