The NYGMen Podcast Super Bowl XLIV Preview

In this SUPER BOWL XLIV PREVIEW, we briefly discuss our plans for the game and, ultimately, call who we like and why. Ironically, we spend more time discussing the G-Men, such as Tiki Barber's appearance on Mike Francesa's "Mike'd Up", Michael Strahan being the sole Giant named to the NFL All-Decade Team, Jeremy Shockey's claims of harboring no ill will towards his former team, the hiring of new defensive line coach Robert Nunn, and a PLAXICO update. Also, is Tony Dungy overrated? Is Rex Ryan an idiot? And whatever happened to J.D. Roth??? As always, we address fan comments and hand out awards. All of this and a lot more on this week's episode. ENJOY THE SUPER BOWL EVERYBODY!!!

P.S. This podcast is NOT as long as the file is. The length of the file is a technical error. Our apologies.

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