The NYGMen Podcast: The Offseason

On this episode of the podcast, I (being Dan) welcome back childhood friend (and American ex-pat in Paris) Fox, who shares some stories about his time in Vancouver while working in television for the Winter Olympics. Among other things, the two also discuss the rise of the Jets and even briefly touch on hipsters versus bohemians. Greg, who is in the midst of writing a book, makes it on for the second half of the program. As to be expected, we have a lengthy discussion about the Giants, including the squad's acquisition of Antrel Rolle. Of course, as always, we cannot help but digress, which makes it very difficult to enumerate everything that comes up in conversation. Let's just leave it at Reggie Miller versus the Knicks, LeBron, Thundercats, and the word "retarded".

ALSO: Congratulations to one of The NYGMen Podcast's favorite, most thoughtful, and incredibly loyal fans, Jason Velazquez of Tampa Bay, Florida! On March 16th, Jason welcomed his brand new son, Jason Dominic, to the team!!! We'll give a proper shout out next episode!

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