The Obama Generation Gap

Below is a private note written after Iowa by my 34-year-old son Troy, which represents the feelings of his wife Simone and countless others in their generation. Their attachment to Barack Obama is as deep as their disgust with the political establishment. The letter speaks for itself, and becomes decisive in my considerations towards this race. I think Obama has ignited a storm of hope that outweighs any concerns about his specific policies. The Obama generation is here and will not be denied.

Dear Father,

I can't stand the DNC. On every major channel they have spokespeople belittling Barack's victory. They keep banging points about how the voters have a misconstrued idea of Hillary. That she's been mistakenly identified as a centrist. Or how she's being judged on her lack of charisma rather than her policies, as if she had any worth standing for, and that Barack is only a success because he appears to be more charming than her. And how exciting it will be to see her readjust her campaign, as if she hasn't already readjusted to the point of being out of whack, to let the country see the real her. It amazes me that the DNC [types are] supporting Hillarities claims that the Iowa caucus is "severly flawed", that too many people's jobs prevented them from attending, blah blah blah. Never mind the fact that record numbers turned out, almost doubling the last election's total. It amazes me that all these talking heads cannot even fathom the idea that perhaps Barack is simply a better, more qualified, more in touch candidate. Why can't they celebrate Barack's definitive victory? Why can't they celebrate the fact that a monumental shift in our nation's identity is occurring? Why can't they celebrate that for the first time in a generation young people stood up to be heard? I wish, that for one moment, these baby boomers would turn off the arrogant noise in their searching heads and listen. Look and listen to the changing fabric of this country. In the midst of dark times an incredibly beautiful spirit is awakening. A spirit that we were told about by you, our parents. A spirit that so many fought for. It was a dream for you, an idea that you almost attained before it was violently taken away. That dream has matured, it has come full circle, it walks with your children. In fact, this is no longer a dream but an actual happening. I hope you see your self in this new spirit.