The Obama Money Machine

I was very proud to support Obama's Presidential campaign from the primaries all the way to his historic victory.

And like most of the nation and the world, I have high hopes for his leadership and administration.

It is from this vantage point that I am so enormously turned off by all the emails I keep getting from the Obama "campaign" asking me for more money! What are they going to do with this money?

I am sure I am not the only one getting these emails. So many Americans are struggling to make ends meet during the recession and the Obama campaign is still asking them for more money?! After having exponentially surpassed all fund-raising records?

Isn't there some financial-demagogic addiction going on here? I am sure it's not Obama himself, but whoever ran the fundraising racket must still be getting some percentage points and is so inebriated with how much the campaign raised that he or she may want to stop. Did they not get the memo? The election is over. Their guy won! It's time to move on.

This aggressive fundraiser is relentless and resorts to the cheapest steps to continue. You want to attend the inauguration? Send us $500. You want to attend a ball? Send us $1,000. You want to enter a drawing to see if you get tickets? Send us $25. And buy all your commemorative materials today from us. An Obama hat for $15, a sweatshirt for $35 or a commemorative Obama plate made in China. Here is one example of one of a couple dozen emails I have received over the last month.

This is turning Obama the historical transformative figure into Obama the QVC late-night cheesy infomercial money-machine.

There is too much at stake. Our world desperately needs real leadership. Hope someone in the Obama team realizes it is high time to be a little dignified.

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