Obama's listened to the unspoken, heard the unvoiced, and has responded to the yearning of our youth, our boomers, and the disenfranchised.
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What is the sound of a tide rising? A seismic shift? A tipping point? Just go to any college campus around the nation, to any stadium or large venue where Barack Obama is speaking....and listen. First you'll hear voices, cheers, whoops and hollers. But listen more closely and you'll hear something intangible, something we don't even have a language yet to describe. Listen very closely and you will hear energy, you will hear passion, you will hear intention and you will hear potential manifesting. You will be listening into what I call our collective "VQ." You will be listening into our Vibrational Intelligence.

Vibrational Intelligence, or VQ is a measure of all the intangibles. It's what's electric, resonant, pulsating, replete with energy, and connecting us all. It's ubiquitous and it's viral. It permeates the quantum field. Barack Obama is our collective representation of our purest hopes, our highest visions and our deepest knowings of who we are as a people, and as a country. We've surfaced him out of "the field" and charged him with the task of riding this wave on our behalf.

He represents our diverse whole: he's brown, book and street smart, somewhat androgynous, strong while adaptive, and, above all, purposeful. He's an amalgam of all that we are. He knows where he's going, he understands what's possible, he sees the current imperative, and he's voicing it for all of us. He is a necessary response to the current zeitgeist. He's our representation of who we might be as caretakers of the planet. He comes at the hour of our greatest darkness, after we've hit a national bottom on the world stage. He's Everyman, in a way a that fine white male, brimming with integrity, or a competent white female simply can't be.

Obama has tapped into his own VQ. He's listened to the unspoken, heard the unvoiced, and has responded to the yearning of our youth, our boomers, and the disenfranchised. He's our product out of the all-knowing quantum field of intelligence, of which we're all a part; and he's simultaneously speaking into that field. In that collective vibrational field exists a longing for the more of who we are, and the hunger to live it.

Quantum physicists understand that chaos is often a necessary precondition to the emergence of a newer, higher order. Now the "linked in" portion of all of us, our collective VQ, has contributed to the emergence of this young phenom at this precise point in our history, with the potential of leading our nation into another era - possibly towards a world we've only imagined. This is not so much about change, as it is about transformation. And it's happening right before our eyes.

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