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The Obama Anniversary Album (SLIDESHOW)

**Scroll down for slideshow**

UPDATE 10/28:On Monday night Michelle Obama stopped by "The Tonight Show" and talked about her 16th wedding anniversary on October 3rd. "[Barack] is very romantic. He tried to buy me flowers, and he did buy me flowers, but I was reading the clips and I saw that he had bought me flowers before he gave me the flowers. I read it in the paper. I was like, 'Oh lovely!' I knew they were white, I knew what color they were. But I thought we would just skip this celebration 'cause he's kind of busy, and I said 'Don't worry about it, we'll celebrate after,' and he says 'No, I'm coming home' he took me out for dinner."

******** Back by popular demand, we present you with more Obama PDA! The Obamas' Greatest PDA Moments slideshow earlier this week was such a success that it made some readers weep while others cried for more. So, on the 16th anniversary of the Obamas' marriage, we present Part II. (Also: we highly recommend you read the comments below and on the first slideshow because, damn it, even we're getting a little choked up.)

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