The Obamas Discuss Dressing On A Budget (VIDEO)

The Obamas Discuss Dressing On A Budget (VIDEO)

In early July the Obama family sat down for an interview with Maria Menounos of "Access Hollywood." One of the topics discussed was Barack's status as a style icon, which amused his wife and daughters because, as Michelle points out in the interview, his belt and shoes need replacing, and his pants are 10 years old ("I hate to shop," he explains). Michelle also reveals that the sundress she's wearing is from the Gap: "Fortunately now they make really pretty stuff at all price ranges... [Barack] will be happy to know that this is, like, a $30 dress." Her husband then high-fives her, and daughter Sasha announces "Mommy buys everything from Gap!"


"Mommy" also buys things from H&M:

2008-10-22-0mcihelle.jpgThis dress cost $34.95.

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**See Obama's shoes (with holes in the soles).

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