'The O.C.' Reunion? 'Never Say Never,' Says Peter Gallagher (VIDEO)

Pop in your Phantom Planet CD, head to the Crab Shack and whip out hour Yarmuklaus because Peter Gallagher is talking all things "The O.C."

The actor, who is currently starring in USA's "Covert Affairs," stopped by HuffPost Live and discussed the possibility of being part of "The O.C." reunion.

"The crazy thing about that show is, every day I hear from people all around the world still -- either on Twitter or Facebook -- [talking] about Sandy Cohen, about 'The O.C.,'" Gallagher said. "People are watching it for the first time, [saying,] 'God, I wish Sandy were my father.' They all ask that same question: 'Will there be a reunion?' So, never say never."

Gallagher said he can't believe that 10 years after the show originally premiered -- August 5, 2003 -- that it's still very much alive for people. "It's great to tell a story that finds a place in the world you live in," he said. "That's kind of the best you can hope for."

"The O.C.," which ran for four seasons on Fox, starred Ben McKenzie as Ryan Atwood, the bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks who comes to live with the affluent Cohen family -- Seth (Adam Brody), Kirsten (Kelly Rowan) and Sandy (Gallagher).

Gallagher said he imagines Sandy Cohen -- a DA-turned-Newport-Group-CEO -- is still working. "He'd probably be providing indigent defense ... or teaching," he said.

Catch Gallagher on the "Covert Affairs" Season 4 premiere, airing Tuesday, July 16 at 9 p.m. ET on USA.

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