Rachel Bilson And Chris Carmack Bring 'The O.C.' To 'Nashville'

Seth Cohen is not going to like this.

In 2003, an awkward high schooler named Seth Cohen attended a party with his new bad-boy friend, Ryan Atwood. Cohen had a then-hopeless crush on a popular girl at the party, Summer Roberts, whose best friend, Marissa Cooper, was into Atwood, but was dating water polo player Luke Ward.

As fans of “The O.C.” already know, the party doesn’t end well for Seth or Ryan, but it does end with Luke’s iconic line: “Welcome to the O.C., bitch!” The show’s final episode just had its 10-year anniversary on Feb. 22, 2017.

Chris Carmack, aka Luke, has since gotten a starring role in the show “Nashville.” The show, now on CMT, just cast the actress who played Summer, Rachel Bilson, as a new series regular.

Yesterday, Bilson posted a photo of the two on set with the caption, “Welcome to Nashville B****......this is how it’s done in Tennessee.”

Although Seth and Luke eventually became friends, the awkward character would likely be a little riled up to see Summer palling around with Luke and bringing up the time the student athlete punched Ryan.

That was almost a decade and a half ago, though, so maybe it’s finally time to say, “Goodbye from the O.C., bitch!”

Here’s that infamous beach fight scene:

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