The Online Resource for Petite Feet

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The Odd Slipper is an amazing new resource online for women who wear the impossible to find shoe sizes 3-5.5. These women face fit frustration when going to traditional retailers looking for footwear but now many chic styles are available online at The Odd Slipper. Founder Sindy Sagastume stands at 4'11" and was inspired to start this online venture based upon her own frustration in shopping for shoes.

Not only does The Odd Slipper help women find these hard to find sizes, it also lets them select which shoes get made! The best part about The Odd Slipper is that they crowd source what goes into production through online "boutiques" introduced each week where shoppers can vote on which style is produced next.

You can go and check out the styles for yourself in person at The Odd Slipper soiree at The Little Shoe store on Jan. 18 sponsored by Remy Cointreau spirits from 7 to 9 p.m.