The Ode To 'Thunderous' Thighs All Women Needs To Hear

"We are the ruthless twins."

“My thighs say thunderous.”

"My thighs say too fat for skinny jeans."

"My thighs say cellulite."

Desireé Dallagiacomo is here to tell you about her powerful, beautiful and all-around awe-inspiring thighs.

The spoken word artist and feminist performed her poem "Thighs Say" at the Individual World Poetry Slam Finals in Phoenix, Arizona last October. Although the poem is almost a year old, it still packs a powerful feminist punch.

"My thighs are always the elephant in the dressing room," Dallagiacomo says to the crowd. "My thighs say 'Feminism, bitch.'"

She describes the unwanted attention her thighs often bring: "My thighs say we don’t want your praise man on the street corner, man in the parking garage, man in Walgreen’s while we’re buying tampons."

"My thighs say we are every man’s wet dream, even when we beg not to be," Dallagiacomo says.

But that won't stop her from loving them. "We don’t know small. Our everything is too big," she says. "My thighs say leave the lights on, we've spent a lifetime hiding. Shake out of this shame. We are the ruthless twins."

"My thighs say come into this, when we say," Dallagiacomo says at the end. "This is ours, all of this: Ours."

Preach lady.

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