<i>The Odyssey</i>: In My Own Words (Part 3)

: In My Own Words (Part 3)
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Odysseus: Athena, 50 suitors is a lot for one man to kill. Also, what if the bronze weapons melt? I'm also unclear on the omen re: the dove and the eagle. Was it good? I urge you to consider these concerns.

Athena: Mmmkay, I think we've been over this.

Odysseus: I'm sorry. I'm sorry to be weird about it. I just-- 50 seems like a lot.

Athena: Sure, but I'm a goddess. Listen: A lot of men go into battle with, like, a friend they met--

Odysseus: True.

Athena: --a mortal friend who, like, maybe sounded brave one night at a tavern--

Odysseus: Yeah.

Athena: --but you're going into battle with a goddess. It would be cool if you could at least pretend to be impressed and sort of... grateful, if possible?

Odysseus: I'm just gonna real quick pray to Zeus too, though.

Athena: I'm over it. Enjoy your fleeces and sweet sleep till rosy-fingered dawn comes, and just let me know when it's time to kill everybody.

Odysseus: OK! Thanks! I really appreciate it!

Athena: Sure.

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