'The Office' Kicks Off Season 7 With A Lip-Dub (VIDEO)

We're all excited to see what season seven of "The Office" will bring, and this video just got us even more pumped. Check out this well executed lip-dub (the homemade music video meme made famous by Connected Ventures) by Jim, Pam, Andy, Erin, and the gang to "Nobody But Me" by The Human Beinz. The only person missing is Michael Scott, which is somewhat apropos of the fact that season seven will be his last.* Check it out and watch the premiere of "The Office" tomorrow night at 9:00!


*CORRECTION: An earlier, 33 second version of the lip-dub had first been posted and later updated with the same aforementioned note of Michael Scott's absence. We apologize for the error, and were super psyched when we realized they had released the entire cold opening. Did you see that finale? Amazing.

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