'The Office': Could Pam Cheat On Jim With Documentary Guy Brian?

Last week's dramatic "Office" reveal took a surprising turn when the first member of the documentary crew viewers had ever seen -- a boom mic guy named Brian played by Chris Diamantopoulos -- comforted a crying Pam after she and Jim got into an argument.

The intense moment not only exposed a rift in Pam and Jim's marriage that's developed while he's been living in Philadelphia part-time, working on his sports marketing start-up, but seemed to hint at the possibility that Pam and Brian shared an emotional connection that could spell trouble for the couple at the emotional center of "The Office."

In an interview with EW, the NBC comedy's showrunner Greg Daniels discussed the development and previewed some possible marital drama to come for Pam and Jim in the show's next two episodes, which air back-to-back on Thursday night.

"Pam and Jim have this incredible, intense bond that has developed over years and years of little workplace jokes and conversation, [and] the thing I think is so, like, disturbing, maybe, is the realization that there may have been another guy who was there in an invisible setting this entire time also participating in little jokes with them and killing enormous amounts of hours at work ... We’re having the kind of debates about what comes next [for Jim and Pam] that we had in the first seasons. So for me and for the writing staff, I’m pleased because we’re incredibly engaged in what happens — debating it and arguing it, obsessively reshooting it, polishing it and everything."

In a December interview with HuffPost TV, Rainn Wilson revealed that the impact of the documentary being aired would be a major aspect of the show's conclusion. "Part of the ending is going to be not only resolving the characters and what's happening in their lives, but the showing of the airing of the documentary on 'The Office,' and showing what effect that has on the characters. That's going to happen over the course of the last six or eight episodes."

Tune into "The Office" on Thursday, January 31 for back-to-back episodes that begin at 9 p.m. ET.



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