'The Office' Tries Planking For Its Season Premiere (VIDEO)

WATCH: 'The Office' Tries Planking

"The Office" kicked off their Carell-less season eight Thursday night with some good old-fashioned Internet posing memes. Planking, to be more specific.

It seems the trendy pose of late Spring/early Summer has finally reached Scranton, and just like online, people either love it or hate it. The employees got a kick out of trolling each other throughout the entire first episode, which (SPOILER ALERT) announced Ed Helms' character Andy Bernard as Michael Scott's replacement. We wonder if the posing will be a theme throughout the season, or if they'll keep the planking as a premiere-only thing?

Maybe we'll see some horsemaning, owling, or Batmanning down the line. Only time will tell.


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