'The Office' Recut As A Drama About Toby Is Eerily Convincing (VIDEO)

WATCH: 'The Office' Recut As A Drama About Toby

Earlier this year we saw what "The Office" might look like if it had been a sitcom in the 1980's, but now YouTuber MyBrykil has done a re-imagination of his own, and things a little more ominous this time around.

Sure, HR representative Toby Flenderson may seem like a nice enough guy when the episodes air on TV, but with a little editing and soundtracking it doesn't take long before things start to feel sinister. Why is he always shot through horizontal blinds? And why is his cubicle so far away from everyone else's?

We'll let you guys be the judges, but maybe Michael wasn't crazy to hate Toby for all those seasons after all.


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