'The Office' Recruiting Ricky Gervais, Will Arnett After Final Steve Carell Episode

HUGE Star Studded 'Office' Finale

Michael Scott is an unabashed student of comedy (not an A+ student, mind you). It's too bad he's calling it quits early; he's missing a visit from some of his biggest heroes. And, in some cases, inspirations.

Steve Carell, who is leaving his hit sitcom "The Office" after seven seasons as its lovably bumbling leading man, will exit with four episodes remaining in the season. In his stead, Entertainment Weekly reports that the show will get special guest star visits from Will Arnett and series creator, Rick Gervais.

Their roles have yet to be confirmed; Gervais made a cameo appearance earlier this season as David Brent, the character he played on the original, British version of "The Office." Brent, like Scott, was the manager of the office, though quite less lovable.

Arnett's appearance raises eyebrows about a possible future with the show; with the question of Scott's replacement still unanswered, Gervais' February blog entry saying that Arnett should join the show permanently looms large, though Gervais never specifically said that Arnett should be the new boss.

Futures aside, the short-term post-Michael Scott era will be an absolutely star studded affair. The show has already booked Will Ferrell for the last four episodes of the season, as well.

Carell's final episode airs April 28th; the season finale comes on May 29th.

For more on the new guest stars, click over to Entertainment Weekly.

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