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The global phenomenon that is The Office has kept the office furniture business afloat across the world. Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant's original UK mockumentary comedy has been recreated in countries ranging from Israel to Chili (and the U.S. of course). In the original version David Brent was the self-aware boss of Wernham Hogg. Various countries have carved out their own unique version of this chilled-out entertainer/boss.

Come, take my hand oh-dear-reader as we take a little globe-hopping tour of the TV show The Office -- with awkward laughs to be had generated by a clueless boss in various office cubicle around the world.

In France, The Office is known as Le Bureau. Gilles Triquet takes on the role of the boss at Cogirep. This version essentially adapted the scripts of the original British series, and added a French twist.

In Chili, the show is called, La Ofis. Manuel Cerda leads the team at Papeles Lozano. Look for a very hot version of the character Dawn.

Israel's HaMisrad features Avi Meshulam as the head of the dreary workplace of "Super Office," an office-supply firm in Petah Tikva. The office crew includes such Israeli types as an Arab warehouse manager, an ultra-Orthodox saleswoman and a bitter Russian accountant.

Bernd Stromberg leads the team at Capitol-Versicherung AG in the German version: Stromberg. The German version also marks the first bald David Brent character.

The numerous versions of The Office prove that idiotic bosses are universal. What's your favorite version of The Office -- we want to know!

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