The OkCupid Honesty Project: An Exercise In Truth-Telling

Not too long ago, I created this OkCupid profile for a nude self portrait-themed art exhibition in New York City. The idea was to combine the negativity and honesty that's generally reserved for anonymous forums and offline conversations with the transparent accountability of a personal profile. I wanted to see how men would respond to this absurd level of intimacy and openness straightaway, and see if my answers would attract any like-minded people.

I'm interested in the online personas we create, and how, for the most part, they only focus on our "best" selves, instead of our actual selves. On online dating sites, I found most profiles for straight men and women to be pretty generic--curated to project an ambiguous, likable persona that would appeal to the broadest range of potential partners. (For what it's worth, I found LGBT profiles were a lot more interesting, honest, and entertaining, almost across the board).

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