The Oldest American Adele Dunlap Is Still Lying About Her Age

Her family says it's a habit.

Adele Dunlap is at it again. The oldest American turned 114 years old this week, but she’s sticking with 105

The New Jersey native is consistent. When she turned 113 last year, she told reporters she was only 104.

Dunlap became the oldest American five months ago, after the death of Goldie Michelson of Worcester, Massachusetts, Dunlap has been living at the Country Arch Care Center in Pittstown, New Jersey, since age 99.

The center’s staff and fellow residents celebrated Dunlap on Dec. 12 by serenading her with “Happy Birthday” and giving her balloons. But The Record reported she wasn’t keen on the fuss. 

“Asked what she was thankful for, Dunlap said, ‘Gee, how should I know?’ And asked what her birthday wish was, she responded, ‘I’ve never thought of such a thing. I don’t wish for anything,’” The Record reported.

The center’s staff has grown close to the resident over the years. “She’s just very graceful and she doesn’t have a very negative attitude about her,” Country Arch Care Center’s Susan Cason Dempster said. 

Dunlap is the ninth oldest person in the world. Emma Morano, who turned 117 on Nov. 29, and is from Verbania, Italy, is the oldest. One of her keys to a long life? 

She told Agence France-Presse in October, “I eat two [raw] eggs a day and that’s it,” she said. “I eat cookies.”



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