The One Holiday Sales Factor You Aren't Considering [Infographic]

For online businesses, the holidays are not only the busiest time of the year, but also the most critical for their year-round success.

Shoppers are much less brand loyal during the holidays. They're often scouting the best deals, which means savvy small businesses have a great opportunity to win over new shoppers and turn them into loyal customers.

As the holidays approach, businesses around the world are working as hard as Santa's elves, stocking up on extra inventory and preparing their websites for the traffic rush.

But there's one holiday sales factor businesses aren't considering: Reviews.

There's no doubt that reviews have a huge impact on sales all year round, but during the holidays in particular, it's extra important for online businesses to understand how their reviews can help them prepare inventory and how to make the most of their holiday sales to fuel their profits all year round.

This infographic shows how reviews impact holiday sales, and how learning from reviews can help brands prepare.

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Don't be caught off guard. Prepare your store for holiday sales by looking to your reviews.

Holiday shoppers are going to be hunting not only for the best deals, but also for the brands they can trust.

Reviews help you instill this trust so you can get new sales during the holidays. You can then use these sales to continue earning benefits year round by asking for reviews on holiday purchases. Coupled with a coupon, review requests can bring shoppers back to your store and jumpstart the customer loyalty cycle.