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The One-Minute Trick For Arranging Your Flowers Like a Pro

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Those peonies are the prettiest--if only you could get them to stand up straight and not flop all over the place in the vase. This trick is proof that a bit of flower genius goes a long way.

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What you need: Floral tape (thin transparent Scotch tape works in a pinch), a vase, plus the pretty peonies you just bought.

What you do: Use a paper towel to make sure the rim of your vase is completely dry (otherwise the tape won't stick), then apply the tape in the shape of a grid. The tape should go about ¼ inch over the lip of the rim (you can also secure it in place by circling the edge with an extra strip). Trim the ends off your flowers on an angle (they'll absorb more water this way), then distribute them evenly--one stem per hole.

Pro tip: Place the fullest flowers in the holes along the perimeter of the vase, then fill in the rest of the openings with small and medium accent blooms.

Voilà! You just produced an arrangement worthy of your coffee table. Good work.


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