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The One Mistake You’re Making With A Flat Iron

Somewhere between the bouffant blowout of the ’80s and the so-slick-it-sticks-to-your-head look of the ’90s, there lies a sleek yet bouncy medium. Here, an easy trick for straightening your hair so you don’t lose too much volume in the process.

What you need: Duckbill clips, a flat iron, a hair brush and a light-hold hair spray

Step 1: Section off your hair into very small chunks. Once your hair is completely dry (hint: it shouldn’t sizzle with your Chi), take the clips and distribute your tresses into even sections all along your head. (The reason they should be small: You want the heat to penetrate all of the strands with just one swipe.)

Step 2: Now here’s the key to keeping your volume: When running the iron down the length of your hair, do not clamp it down like a panini press. (That’s what, obviously, flattens it out.) Instead, leave it slightly open to benefit from the direct heat but also maintain as much volume as possible.

Step 3: To fend off frizz (the unfortunate by-product of volume), evenly coat your brush with the hair spray and comb it through. Ta-da! Olivia Palermo bounce achieved.