The One Question You Need To Ask Yourself Before You Ask The Universe For Anything

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Yay the Law Of Attraction! Isn't it exciting? We get to ask for anything and everything on our wish list, and by law, the universe must deliver! How marvelous.

Well this may all be well and good, truly it is, it's awesome. But before we get ahead of ourselves and wish for everything and the moon, let's take a step back.

I don't mean to be a buzz kill, but there's one critical question that anyone should ask themselves before attempting to manifest, and that question is... "Why?" Why do you want to attract this thing? Why do you need this in your life? What internal need is being met by satisfying this desire?

A simple question, but one that has the unwelcomed effect of dredging up emotions and making you take a glaringly clear look at your life. Not the most enjoyable of tasks, which is why we tend to gloss over this question and desire things that merely slap a Band-Aid on the issue. Often times we fall into the trap of desiring the things that we think will solve our problems only to be met with unsatisfactory long-term results.

For example, we may desire a hot new sports car (or in my case a gorgeous pair of designer heels), but why do we desire it? Could it be because of how it will make us feel? Powerful, successful, admired? If we dig even deeper, these feelings may point to a desire for freedom, stability and love.

By asking yourself why you want something, you give yourself permission to dissect the reasons for having this desire in the first place. It may take some time, and you may even resist the answers, but if you truly want to better your life, then isn't it worth getting your hands dirty?

By digging to the deepest level we're cutting out the middleman, in this case the car. We can get right to the heart of it and focus our energies where it counts. If instead of trying to attract a new car, you focus your attention on attracting freedom, stability and love, then the universe will provide you with answers that will directly meet these specific needs.

These may seem like more abstract requests, after all what is guaranteed to bring you love or freedom? Chances are you can't even answer these questions for yourself. But that's the wonderful thing about the universe; it can do a much better job of providing solutions than anything you could dream up. If you hand it over for the universe to take care of the answer may not come in the form of a car, but something much better. Perhaps a new job, that not only inspires passion and a sense of freedom, but provides the means for such a car. An exceedingly better deal in the end.

If you solely focus on attracting a car chances are you'll get a car, and it will make you happy for awhile. You may even feel powerful, successful and admired. But that's not really what you wanted was it? It didn't bring true freedom (possibly even less freedom, due to higher maintenance bills), and certainly it won't attract genuine love. The car will simply become another throwaway stand-in in for what you really want, another stepping stone in your unquenchable quest for happiness.

Now not everything is like the car example. Perhaps you respond to your why with a solid answer that will truly bring you lasting happiness, only you can judge. Perhaps you ask yourself why you want the sports car and your genuine answer is that you're utterly obsessed with cars, you adore, admire and appreciate them. It's a great passion you've had for many years. Then by all means go for it! Attract it. Enjoy it.

Everyone has their own reasons and we must never judge what's in the hearts of others. Rather we should observe our own motives. Really see and acknowledge why we're asking for what we are, what lays at the core of our desire?

If we remember to ask this one question we will be attracting from a place of clarity and authenticity. We will have a much better chance of achieving real happiness and lasting results. So before you ask the universe to answer your desire, firstly ask yourself, why?