The One Sales Step that Most Sales People Miss

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You’ve likely had this experience. You just closed the deal. You and your team are sharing hi-fives around the office. You’re mentally counting your profit on the deal and the thrill of the new customer you’ve brought on… then you get that email canceling the deal.

What happened? You likely missed a key step in any sales process – the post sell step.

After you close a sale, you’ve got to make sure you help your buyer feel great about their purchase. Human beings tend to second guess themselves. By carefully structuring in a systematic post sell step into your sales process you’ll keep your clients feeling great about their decision working with you.

A solid post sell step accomplishes the following 4 things:

1. Establish that they bought in a way that taps into the power of consistency and commitment.

2. Help them feel great about their decision.

3. Pre-empt any reoccurring buyer’s remorse issues for your business.

4. Clarify next steps so you can reduce any uncertainty or anxiety.

Here are seven simple things we’ve encourage many of our business coaching program clients to add into their sales system that you can use to solidify your post sell system:

· Congratulate them on their smart move. (“Tim, you made the right choice…”)

· Model a high level of excitement for them.

· Ask them for referrals (if they have just given you two referrals that is a very powerful consistency and commitment step)

· Reduce their anxiety by letting them know exactly what happens now and make sure you meet all your commitments, especially in the early stages of the sale.

· Ask them, now that it’s over, what was the biggest thing that tipped the scale and prompted them to make the decision to own your product or service.

· Give them a parting gift which taps into the powerful social influencer of “reciprocity”.

· Send them a hand written thank you card. Old school, yet still very classy.

By strategically and systematically building in a “post sale” step into your sales process you’ll keep more of the business you would have otherwise lost through buyer’s remorse.

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