The One Thing Liberal White Folks Need To Stop Doing

Reading Tah-Nehisi Coates doesn't make you an expert on what it's like to be a POC.

Franchesca Ramsey in the MTV News web series, "Decoded" hilariously explains the problem with whitesplaining.

In the video, Ramsey tries to have a conversation with a white friend to explain whitesplaining, but she is constantly interrupted by the white people in the room who attempt to breakdown racism and whitesplaining for her. 

The video does an excellent job at pointing out how whitesplaining can do more harm than good by derailing actual authentic discussions about racism and the experiences of people of color. It can be problematic when said whitesplainer unintentionally silences those who do encounter racial oppression. 

"I realize that you all mean well, but you're actually doing the wrong thing by hijacking the conversation," Ramsey said in the video.

Whitesplaining can come off as patronizing, condescending and just plain rude. Often times, the best way for white people to further the conversation on racial inequality is to just listen

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